Meet the Team

Our current staff consists of 12. We have three Principal Engineers, two Design Engineers, five mechanical technologists, one construction administrator, and one office administrator. The majority of our people have been with us for 15+ years. Engineers of the firm are graduates of the University of Saskatchewan, College of Engineering. Technologists are graduates of the Mechanical Engineering Technology program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. 

Darren Wingerak, P.Eng.

Principal Engineer

Chris Conley, P.Eng.

Principal Engineer, LEED AP

Ryan MacGillivray, M.Sc., P.Eng.

Principal Engineer

Jeff Frie, A.Sc.T

Senior Technologist

Greg Pederson, Engineering Licensee, A.Sc.T.

Specification Writer

Heather Hollman, A.Sc.T.

Mechanical Technologist

Matthew Wingerak, P.Eng.

Design Engineer

Bill Gonari A.Sc.T.

Mechanical Technologist

Steve Schiml A.Sc.T.

Mechanical Technologist

Devin Storle, M.Sc., Engineer-In-Training

Marc Desjardin, A.Sc.T.

Construction Administration

Ashlea Farkas

Office Administrator

Jun Zhao, C.E.T.

Mechanical Technologist