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At the initial stages, DWEL performed a comprehensive study to investigate and make recommendations as to the retrofit of the existing laboratory ventilation and pressurization control equipment and systems.

As a result of the findings of the study, a major retrofit of the laboratory ventilation and pressurization control systems was performed. The construction was split into four (4) phases in order to minimize the disruption to the building users

The project highlights are as follows:

The original fumehoods made use of an auxiliary supply air plenum to provide the majority of the make-up air directly to the face of the fumehood. This was found to create turbulence and loss of containment in the fumehood. The fumehoods were retrofitted to eliminate the auxiliary supply air feature and the lab ventilation revised to introduce make up air into the lab space.

The original ventilation system incorporated a return air system from the labs. This is revised to a full-fresh air once-through ventilation system.

The original run-around glycol loop heat recovery systems were reconfigured and reused in order to mitigate energy costs.
The original laboratory pressurization controls are being replaced with Phoenix Controls. The Phoenix controls are being fully integrated with the existing EMCS within the building.

The original fumehood/lab exhaust fans discharged at low velocity at the roof level. Two sets of High Plume Vertical Discharge laboratory exhaust fans are being implemented to ensure exhaust air is discharged safely from the building.

The project included full commissioning of the HVAC systems under the direction of DWEL.