421 Downey Rd

Laboratory and Research

421 Downey Rd
Innovation Place Research Park
Saskatoon, SK

This technologically advanced 3 storey mixed occupancy building with full basement, is located at Innovation Place Saskatoon.

An integrated design process guided the project teams’ decisions from conception to completion. The process allowed for the selection of energy efficient and flexible building systems to accommodate changing tenant needs.

The 4,900 m2 building provides space for offices and laboratories.

The project highlights included the following:

Ventilation & Air Quality is achieved using a Variable Air Flow 100% make-up air system.
The 100 % outside air system is equipped with an energy recovery wheel, which is 75% effective at recovering sensible and latent heat from the exhaust air.

The primary source of cooling for the building is a radiant cooling ceiling panel system. In areas with concentrated cooling loads supplementary cooling is provided by chilled water fan-coil units.

Perimeter heating is provided by hot water radiant ceiling panels.

Operable windows

Plumbing – Sensor controlled water faucets and urinals, low flush toilets.
Heating & Cooling – Variable flow hot and chilled water infrastructure to accommodate radiant cooling or fan coil units.

The mechanical systems are designed to accommodate lab space for approximately 60% of the building.

The project was designated as CBIP Compliant and qualified for the full $80,000 grant. The computerized energy simulation that was conducted has predicted annual energy use that is 35% lower than the Model National Energy Code.