Bethlehem High School


Bethlehem High School
Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Board
Saskatoon, SK

Bethlehem High School is the newest high school in Saskatoon. The school is built to serve 1000 students, and embrace the latest technology. The building is located in the furthest west development in Saskatoon in the new subdivision of Blairmore.

The school is an 110,000 ft2 (10,000 m2) building primarily single story (for accessibility) with a small second floor primarily for storage and mechanical equipment. The design process began in December 2005 and the school opened September 2007.

This energy efficient complex is modeled to consume only 47% of the energy of the MNECB reference building and was eligible to receive Canada’s CBIP (Commercial Building Incentive Plan) funding.

The mechanical design features the following:

  • Radiant Cooling
  • Hot water radiant ceiling panels for perimeter heating comfort.
  • Ventilation AHU’s utilizing heat wheels to provide heat reclaim and dehumidification
  • CO2 monitoring in high density spaces
  • Variable speed motors on fans and pumps
  • Integrated with adjacent city facility to reject waste heat into the pool, receiving ‘free’ chilled water as a result.